Board Members


Board Member Address
Rolando L. Rodriguez (Chairman) PO Box 233, Sanderson 79848-0233
Santiago V. Flores PO Box 448, Sanderson 79848-0448
Thaddeus Cleveland  PO Box 995, Sanderson 79848-0995
Heather Gully  PO Box 591, Sanderson 79848-0086
Clay W. Houston  PO Box 658, Sanderson 79848-0658


The Appraisal District Board of Directors Role in the Property Tax System

In Terrell County, our office is operated under contract with school district and school board hires the Chief Appraiser / Tax Assessor-Collector. Many of our policies and procedures are goverened by school district policy. 

The directors have no authority to set values or appraisal methods. The chief appraiser carries out the appraisal district's legal duties, hires the staff, makes the appraisals and operates the appraisal office.


Board Member Address
Santiago V. Flores, Jr. (Chairman) PO Box 448, Sanderson 79848-0029
Ken Norris PO Box 4830, Sanderson 79848-4830
Ada Lee Robbins PO Box 590, Sanderson 79848-0590
Cheryl Siedel PO Box 388, Sanderson 79848-0338
Lee C. Smith Jr. PO Box 470, Sanderson 79848-0470